Captivating Conservation: Animals at the EDGE (Saving the World’s Rarest Creatures)

Saturday, February 7, 2009.

Animals at the EDGE (Saving the World's Rarest Creatures)Authors: Jonathan Baillie (on JOMB) and
Marilyn Baillie (on JOMB)
Published: 2008 Maple Tree Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 1897349335

Fabulous photos of scarce, strange and, often, sweet-looking animals and intimate glimpses of the young scientists who are working to save them make this exciting look at work of the Zoological Society of London’s EDGE of Existence Program an engaging introduction to the science of conservation.

HOTLINE VOICES: Mrs. Incredible talks about the poetic devotion she and her three year-old son share for A Light in the Attic (by Shel Silverstein).

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A Prehistoric Party: Quennu and the Cave Bear

Wednesday, October 11, 2006.

Quennu and the Cave BearAuthor: Marie Day
Illustrator: Marie Day
Published: 1999 Maple Tree Press
ISBN: 0613266862

Our girls are completely engrossed by this story of a young girl, not so unlike them, who participates in a community celebration 30,000 years ago.

This story has long been a favourite and became even more interesting to our girls upon news of the recent discovery of a much more ancient three-year-old female hominin known now as “Lucy’s Baby“.


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