Dimple-matic Immunity: I Always, Always Get My Way

Friday, August 21, 2009.

I Always, Always Get My WayAuthor: Thad Krasnesky (on JOMB)
Illustrator: David Parkins (on JOMB)
Published: 2009 Flashlight Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 9780979974649

Cute only gets you so far in the real world. Capturing the glee of victory and the sting of defeat, this hilariously illustrated rhyming book lets us laugh at our own (and our little sibling’s) attempts to prove otherwise.

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Pop over to The Boy Reader for today’s full menu of poetry offerings. Poetry Fridays are brought to us by Kelly Herold of Big A, Little A.

HOTLINE VOICES: Cathy Miller, “The Literacy Ambassador”, alerts us about Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (by Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury).

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True Love: Hunwick’s Egg

Wednesday, July 15, 2009.

Hunwick's EggAuthor: Mem Fox (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Pamela Lofts (on JOMB)
Published: 2005 Harcourt (on JOMB)
ISBN: 9780152163181

Amidst mauve and pink Australian sunsets, this lyrically told and beautifully illustrated tale reminds us of the underrated pleasures of simply loving.

Other books mentioned:

We’d love to hear your thoughts on a favourite children’s book. Leave a voice message on our JOMB listener hotline, +1-206-350-6487, so we can include your audio in our show.

Introducing “Share A Story, Shape a Future”

Sunday, March 8, 2009.

Share a Story - Shape a FutureThis is a big week in the Kidlitosphere. The first ever “Share a Story, Shape a Future” week starts tomorrow. This week long effort aims to charge up adults everywhere with renewed enthusiasm and know-how for reading. A diverse team of reading enthusiasts, including teachers, librarians, parents and experts, will talk up books, swap fun ideas, gifts, and prizes and ramp-up their efforts to make frequent, quality reading time an easy and accessible part of the every child’s life. Here’s what’s in store:

Monday: Raising Readers
hosted by Terry Doherty at Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, the Reading Tub blog

Tuesday: Selecting Reading Material
hosted by Sarah Mulhern at The Reading Zone

Wednesday: Reading Aloud – It’s Fun, It’s Easy
hosted by Susan Stephenson at the Book Chook blog

Thursday: A Visit to the Library
hosted by Eva Mitnick at Eva’s Book Addiction blog

Friday: Technology and Reading – What the Future Holds
hosted by Elizabeth O. Dulemba at Dulemba.com


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Revisiting Poesy Perfection: Sleeping Dragons All Around

Saturday, December 13, 2008.

Author: Sheree Fitch (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Michele Nidenoff (on JOMB)
Published: 2009 Nimbus Publishing (20th anniversary edition)
ISBN: 1551096994

On August 30, 2006, we published episode 22 of Just One More Book!! It was a review of a permanent family favourite, Sleeping Dragons All Around, written by Sheree Fitch and illustrated by Michele Nidenoff. We would learn, shortly afterward, that the book was out of print.

We’ve become friendly with Sheree since we interviewed her for episode 54 published on November 13, 2006 and we’ve always told her how disappointed we were that Sleeping Dragons and some of her other fabulous children’s books, were no longer available.

Not for long.

As it turns out, the 20th anniversary of Sleeping Dragons All Around will be celebrated on January 25, 2009, with the re-release of the book. And guess what’s printed on the dust jacket. Our Just One More Book!! blog blurb from that August 30, 2006 book chat:

How cool is that?

This is the first of a two-part series about Sleeping Dragons All Around. In this part, we replay our original review of Sleeping Dragons, complete with questionable recording quality. Part two will be released on Monday, December 15, 2008 and will feature a new interview with Sheree about the new edition and a story of how Sleeping Dragons All Around has made an impact.

Want to see our other dust jacket appearance? Click here.

HOTLINE VOICES: Shelley Burns shares a year-after-year favourite book, Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge (by Mem Fox and Julie Vivas).

We’d love to hear your thoughts on a favourite children’s book. Leave us a voice message on our JOMB listener hotline, +1-206-350-6487.


Sunday, July 2, 2006.

“Andrea and Mark” by Bob StaakeJust One More Book is a thrice-weekly podcast which promotes and celebrates literacy and great children’s books.

Each weekday morning, we take a few minutes out of our morning coffee ritual to discuss one of our many favourite children’s books. We also feature weekly interviews with authors, illustrators and experts and enthusiasts in the areas of children’s literature and literacy as well as listener-submitted audio reviews.

Through this podcast and its website, we are building a lively, interactive community linking children’s book authors, illustrators, readers (children, parents, educators and librarians) and publishers.

Episodes range in length from 5 to 30 minutes and can be played directly from our web page or downloaded to an iPod for listening on the go.

This podcast is powered by passion. We have no advertisers or sponsors. Our goal is to link children with great books and help create happy memories for children and the adults that read to them…and to have fun!

If you would like to share these conversations with others who are interested in connecting families and children with great children’s books, please feel free to link to this site and to pass it along to parents and teachers.

We hope you discover some new favourites!

— Andrea Ross & Mark Blevis

A huge thanks to author/illustrator Bob Staake for the hilariously accurate sketch of us, above.

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