Raw Resilience: Gleam and Glow

Monday, November 6, 2006.

Gleam and GlowAuthor: Eve Bunting
Illustrator: Peter Sylvada
Published: 2001 Harcourt Children’s Books
ISBN: 0152053808

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Gorgeous illustrations and beautifully crafted text relay a story of heartbreak and hope so poignant that even chatting about it was difficult, but we did our best.

This show opens with our first MyChingo audio comment, which we received from author Paul Levinson of the Light On Light Through Podcast, just in time for this – our fiftieth – episode! Thanks, Paul.

Of Horror and Heroism: The Donkey of Gallipoli (A True Story of Courage in World War I)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008.

The Donkey of Gallipoli (A True Story of Courage in World War I)Author: Mark Greenwood (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Frané Lessac (on JOMB)
Published: 2008 Candlewick Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0763639133

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Deceptively simple looking folk art illustrations, uncluttered narration and sparse, intimate utterings deliver some of the dark, disturbing details of war in this eye-opening, true tale of courage, carnage and camaraderie.

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HOTLINE VOICES: Bobby (a grade two teacher in Phoenix, AZ) describes a difference of opinion between he and his fiancée (a grade one teacher) and asks the question, what is the best way to read books to a group of children?

Interview with Gloria Houston: Grieving, Life and Children’s Books

Monday, September 15, 2008.

Gloria HoustonWe’ve often suggested on Just One More Book!! that children’s books are an important way to introduce children to complex topics. Death and the celebration of life is one such topic and we’ve reviewed books such as My Great-Aunt Arizona and Gleam and Glow as great books to help children understand the cycle of life.

While she may be best known for her work in promoting writing as a literacy tool, Gloria Houston has used children’s books as part of her work with grieving children.

On this edition of Just One More Book!!, Mark speaks with author and educator Gloria Houston about the value of children’s book in helping children understand death and the cycle of life.

Other books mentioned:

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Mark’s Uncle, Earl Blevis, who passed away on Saturday, September 13, 2008.

One Thousand Tracings: Healing the Wounds of World War II

Wednesday, January 2, 2008.

One Thousand TracingsAuthor: Lita Judge
Illustrator: Lita Judge
Published: 2007 Hyperion Books (on JOMB)
ISBN: 1423100085

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Eye-opening scatterings of yellowed newspaper footprints, handwritten lists and aged, intimate snapshots make vivid this beautifully told true story of hardship, generosity and the pulling together of communities torn to opposite sides of war.

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Silken Strength and Resilience: Red Butterfly (How a Princess Smuggled the Secret of Silk Out of China)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007.

Red Butterfly: How a Princess Smuggled the Secret of Silk Out of China Author: Deborah Noyes
Illustrator: Sophie Blackall
Published: 2007 Candlewick Press (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0763624004

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Delicately depicted in mint, peach and red, this beautifully worded legend shares the solitary heartbreak and secret unraveling of a young girl who shines light into her own uncertain future.

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Interview with Hugh Brewster

Monday, August 10, 2009.

There are parts of being in this world that many parents want to shield their children from.  War, with its toll on lives, communities and countries is one of those controversial topics for children’s books that’s either hotly debated or blatantly dismissed.

For Canadians, August 19, 1942 carries even more significance because many were led to believe the British organized battle at Dieppe was an important victory, not a bloody defeat.  As we honour the 67th anniversary of Dieppe later this month, a new children’s book will be published that explores the reasons, strategy, horror and incredible survival that are part of this Canadian tale.

On this edition of Just One More Book!!, Mark speaks with author and historian Hugh Brewster about his new book Dieppe: Canada’s Darkest Day of World War II, and the importance of sharing the stories of the events and the people in war and remembrance.

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Photo of Hugh Brewster from HughBrewster.com.

Cultivating Hope: Mr. Hiroshi’s Garden

Wednesday, April 22, 2009.

 Mr. Hiroshi's GardenAuthor: Maxine Trottier (on JOMB)
Illustrator: Paul Morin (on JOMB)
Published: 1999 Fitzhenry and Whiteside (on JOMB)
ISBN: 1550051520

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Dazzling light glows against darkening shadow as this warmly told memory of friendship and fortitude peeks into a dim chapter in Canadian history.

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For more information about the Japanese Internment of 1942-1945, visit Vanishing British Columbia, Canada: A People’s History, and Canadian Nikkei.

You can read about more of our favourite Canadian, Asian-themed children’s books in this essay by Andrea at Paper Tigers.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on a favourite children’s book. Leave a voice message on our JOMB listener hotline, +1-206-350-6487.

Interview with Zetta Elliott

Monday, December 8, 2008.

Remember that ad in which a not-so-grown boy said “things sure have changed since when I was a little kid”?  We like to think that’s true of children’s books and, when we think about it, it must be.  If children’s books hadn’t come as far as they have, we wouldn’t have books that tackle issues; books like Not in Room 204, Gleam and Glow and Bird.

On this edition of Just One More Book!!, Mark speaks with Zetta Elliott, author of the book Bird, about publishing picture books that tackle real-life issues like drug addiction, getting published in foreign markets and being daring as both book publishers and book buyers.

To hear more of the conversation with Zetta, sign up for our monthly newsletter on our website, justonemorebook.com/newsletter, in time for the December 2008 issue which will include a link to more of our conversation.

Ritual, Respect, Regret & Reflection: The Unknown Soldier

Wednesday, November 5, 2008.

The Unknown SoldierAuthor: Linda Granfield (on JOMB)
Published: 2008 Scholastic Canada (on JOMB)
ISBN: 043993558X


Accessible narrative, detailed annotations and a thought-provoking collection of photographs, postcards, pins and poems shed light on the ceremony, symbolism, chronology and controversy commemorating our global family’s losses to war.

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HOTLINE VOICES: Author Alison McGhee shares the reasons why Swiss Family Robinson (by Johann D. Wyss) is one of her childhood favourites.

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A Captivating Chronicle: If I Die Before I Wake (The Flu Epidemic Diary of Fiona Macgregor)

Friday, October 10, 2008.

If I Die Before I Wake (The Flu Epidemic Diary of Fiona Macgregor, 1918)Author: Jean Little
Published: 2007 Scholastic (on JOMB)
ISBN: 0439988373


Beautifully bound in a soft unevenly edged journal and told with humour, innocence, intimacy and affection, the daily entries of a fictional twelve year old disclose the spellbinding details of life during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-19.

Our daughter Lucy (9) also contributes to the discussion of the book, which she tells us is part of her current favourite series.

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HOTLINE VOICES: Author Michelle Mulder from Victoria, British Columbia shares her thoughts on The Composition (by Antonio Skarmeta and Alfonso Ruano). Thanks, Michelle!


Sunday, December 23, 2007.

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Interview with Eve Bunting

Wednesday, September 5, 2007.

Eve BuntingIt’s not easy growing up. Besides reading, writing and arithmetic, there are life lessons to learn and emotions to deal with. It’s especially difficult when death is part of the equation.

Eve Bunting is a master of helping children to understand the world around them and validating emotions. She’s published over 200 books and some of her best known work tackles issues including war, unrest and the loss of a friend.

Eve Bunting is our guest on this edition of Just One More Book.

Books mentioned:

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Photo: Sloan Bunting


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